Sunday, January 4, 2009


Halloween was great, as always! This year, Josh wanted to be a Ninja and Tyler wanted to be Bumblebee, the Transformer. Ty and I went to Josh's Halloween parade at school and then I took the boys over to my office where a couple of my co-workers stole them from me and took them trick-or-treating around the office. They came back with a grocery bag full of candy, which ended up working out well because when we went out later that night around my parent's neighborhood, half of the people weren't home and then we got rained out! Luckily, the boys are still young enough that they have no idea how much candy they COULD have gotten! :)
Here are some pics of me and Ty at the parade, Josh in the parade, Josh and some of his classmates, Josh and Ty when they first got into their costumes and then Ty doing a little jig while I was trying to take his picture. The last picture has got to be my favorite of all time of totally shows his personality!

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