Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our First Blog!

I've decided that it's time that our family joined the 21st Century and started a blog! My thought is that we'll use this to post pics from family parties and other fun outings with the boys and maybe even share some funny Josh and Tyler stories or quotes.

We all had a lot of fun out in Idaho over the weekend for Daniel's blessing! The boys loved staying in a hotel. They thought it was so cool to push the elevator buttons to go up to our room and to have the pool all to ourselves (they liked when DJ made wave pools because he looked like a whale doing it). And their favorite part? The continental breakfast. Yep, for whatever reason, they thought that was the coolest thing ever...food everywhere and milk that came out of a dispenser rather than a jug.

They also loved seeing their cousins. Tyler is still asking me every morning if we're going to Ben's house. :) I'm posting a couple of pics that Mom and Dad (aka Grandma and Grandpa) sent to me of the boys on the Banzai water slide. It seemed that the "Big Kids" (Lyle, Megan, Jarom, DJ, Stacey, me & Dad) had more fun on this than the little ones did! I wish we had gotten a picture of the slip-n-slide after Dad "modified" it with garbage sacks to make it longer for Lyle, Megan and DJ's little competition to see who could make it clear to the fence. Since Lyle about knocked the fence over, I think he won that one!

Poor Josh got sick on the ride home and couldn't eat or drink anything until Monday morning, but he's fine now. He met with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Morgan, today for an assessment. He seems to feel really comfortable with her and she seems to like him a lot. His first day of school is tomorrow and he's very excited! Since he's the oldest in his class now rather than the youngest, I think it will be interesting to see what kind of difference a year makes in his behavior and how he picks up on new skills.

Here are a couple of pics of the boys on the water slide (from left to right - Alex, Josh, Ty, Ben):