Monday, August 13, 2007

School's in for Josh & Guess who's a "Big Boy" now?

Well, Josh is officially a "Tracker". This is the term that's used for the kids in his daycare who also go to year-round school. He's so excited to be on track! After Josh's first couple of days at school, Mrs. Morgan pulled me aside and asked if Josh was enjoying his new class and if he seemed extra tired lately. I said yes, he really likes it and no, he hasn't seemed too tired at home. Apparently, Josh decided that he was too tired to sit up in class and was getting up out of his chair and laying on the floor. My first thoughts - Is he testing her to see how much he can get away with? Is he being shy? Is he still feeling bad after being sick on the way home from Idaho (by the way, his car sickness ended up being a stomach bug that everyone in the family got to enjoy...)? Well, whatever it was, after a little talk, he's over it and is really loving school!

We started potty-training Ty this past weekend. After a frustrating 9 month run with Josh and then finally realizing that he just hadn't been ready when we wanted him to be, we decided to wait for Ty to be ready on his own and not try to force it. What a difference! He's doing a great job and is staying dry most of the time. A couple of people told me about the "Cheerio" game where you put one in the toilet and the kids try to aim at it. Well, Ty loves the idea of putting cereal in the toilet, but doesn't actually get to that part until AFTER he's gone potty. As soon as he's done, he grabs two red cheerios (we tried out the fruity cheerios and the boys didn't like them much, so they're going down the toilet now) and has them race when he flushes. I'm so excited to have both of my boys out of diapers!

We've decided to do our summer vacation this year in Lake Powell. We used to go every year, but haven't been since before we got pregnant with Tyler. We're going to head down to Wahweap (neither DJ or myself have ever been there) and we've rented a 23 foot cuddy cabin boat for a couple of days. The plan is to sleep on the boat, but we'll be taking our tent for beach camping, just in case the winds pick up or someone gets claustrophobic. We'll definitely go out to Rainbow Bridge, but aside from that, I have no idea what else is out there. So if any of you have any good ideas for us, let me know! :)


Stacey said...

Don't you just love potty training? Alex never really got the Cheerios game either, but had a lot of fun putting them in the toilet. He usually got candy rewards when he'd go successfully in the toilet, so for a while after he'd go potty, he'd ask us if he could have candy. :)
Our kids are still passing that stomach bug around...going on two weeks now. I'm really tired of having to do laundry at this point.

Melissa said...

I was so lucky on the Potty Training!! Jesse pretty much potty trained himself before he was even 2. But there were times he would go through this thing where he didn't want to go on the potty...I think it was more for attention. So we Just bought him a Spud-Trooper (Mr. Potato head dressed up like a snow trooper from star wars) and told him that if he didn't have any accidents for 3 days then he would get the toy. Sure enough he got it within the next 3 days!! :)